Hybrid Theory - my life starts with it

This here should be just a simple letter of a fanatic to her idol, but try to be different... Because you are not just people who gained fame with your songs... Not to me! To me, you are invaluable part of my life!
I, almost making my 6 years old, hear you on the radio stereo. At that time, I already liked rock; maybe because my dad who listened the 60 rock, or because my brothers who heard the 90 rock. Translation: I liked to hear you.
What the song that I hear? In the end. For me, it was (and still is) perfect!
Then, by coincidence (maybe), my brother buys the Reanimation. I fell in love for the layer… I was 6 years old and the layer was robots. So, you make me sleep every night with: “Krwlng”, “Opening”, “Enth E Nd”, “P5hng Me A*wy”...
But you too make me dance with: “Frgt/10”, “X-Ecutioner Style” and “H! Vltg3”. And I had nightmares with “Ppr:kut” and “1stp Klosr”.
Let’s say that I gave stop with my flaw: you. Not because I tired, but it was exactly for not tired.
You launch the CD Meteora and I watched the musics videos on TV. At that time, I began to associate Crawling to a person that I was very passionate, but me reject me, I felt like the girl in this music video.
I cry with “Numb”, I sing with “Faint”, I dance with “Breaking the Habit”, I found myself with “Somewhere I belong”… I fall in love for you, not as band, but how wonderful people are.
2004 – Year that I discovered: my sister-in-law had the “Live in Texas”. I caught her DVD and didn’t stop seeing and dream of you every day and night.
You continued with your career and I with my life quiet and boring… But always looking for in your songs one way to express what I feel, because I didn’t know how.
I searched your undergrounds, related bands… I found more songs and fall in love with its. I met Grey Daze’s songs and Fort Minor’s songs. I identified with “Sometimes” and “Where’d you go”.
2007 – “Minutes to midnight”. I don’t like this CD. Although Mike said that it was a way of renewing and you’ll not be like your idols; always in this same songs and eventually forgetfulness. But you forgot the most important: your true fans. THEY LOVE YOU LIKE YOU ARE! They love your lyrics, your follies, your hairstyle, your voices, your songs… You didn’t need this sudden change to call attention, because you had already saved places in the hearts of many, life, soul and even skin.
You were THE LINKIN PARK. Already had the name and reputation and didn’t need a Black Power or become bald... You had a lot of attention with your “rock remix”, you were yourself! And for me, “Minutes to Midnight” was a mask for you to be what fashion wanted and not what you were.
Anyway, I laughed with the "Bleed It Out" music video, sang with "Given Up", I cried with "Leave all out the rest"...
Today: “A Thousand Suns”. Always promising news. “The Catalyst”? It’s cool. But is very “Lady GaGa”. Why? Easy! The fashion is electronic music, dance music... And with “The Catalyst” gives to dance! I am touched with "Robot boy" and "The Messenger", imagine a video for "Blackout," dance belly dance to "When They Come For Me," I dance hip hop to "Wretches and kings," I love "Iridescent"…
My life = your songs:
A angry day = “Papercut”
A cold day, sad = “My December”
A text of mine that I love = “Across the line”
When I don’t have way out = “No roads left”
Well, I won’t write all… It’s a lot of! But you understand my intention.
My life and your career are too small for this world, but too big for this piece of paper.
Today? Just today, “Hybrid Theory” makes its 10th birthday. Along with it, part of my life celebrating with you...
Congratulations for your success! I wish that continues thus!

            Thank you for everything! Mainly to save me of some depressions,

A person that live listen your songs."

Ana Luiza Pereira

"And every second I waste this more than I can take." [Numb - Linkin Park]

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  1. Get here by searching an hybrid theory image like yours, read that and is almost like read my self !
    LP is a family, a place ! Is nice to know there are other people like me somewhere in the world
    Bye !


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