Mike Shinoda has a dream...

Hello again, Linkin Park!

            I know you haven’t read my tribute at 10 years of Hybrid Theory, but I won’t give up. Anyway, this letter isn’t a tribute for your career, but for who idealized it: Michael Kenji Shinoda, the well-Known Mike Shinoda or Akira.
             Mike, like any child, had a dream of being an artist. But, he fought for his dream; didn’t get down with life, never give up may even have been frustrated, but ever continue until he succeeded... Nobody can say he don’t warned, he ever said what he wanted. No wonder that Bradford Philipe Delson joined this idea on high school.
             I bet everything I have that many people decried the dream of Linkin Park, said it’s was just utopia. But a true warrior, as the Samurai Shinoda, never gave up of his dreams, even though he was able do it after  Design school (better late than never).
             But between us, the Design school served well for Mike and Joe, a lot. The covers of Hybrid Theory and Reanimation are the most beautiful and well designed I've ever seen. Breaking the habit, the clip mad by Joe was very cool! Just to remember I want to see it again.
             Mike Shinoda not only become a component of a little band, but an icon. Funny, outgoing, always makes a joke either inside or outside the studio… Writes and produces the best songs of my life (and also other fans). Sing very well... The best rapper I ever seen is Mike! There is no Linkin Park without Mike!
             Not counting Fort Minor; Styles of Beyond with Mike Shinoda… IT WAS A MAXIMUM! I learned street dance dancing Remember The Name.
            Mike, in this february 11, your birthday, I, like the fans around the world,whish you congratulation, best wishes and many years of life! After all, what would our life without Linkin Park? What would we do whitout you as the example of perseverence?

Thank you Mike! For exist, sing and enchant my life. Thank you for leaving it increasingly happy whenever I hear their music on radios, TVs or CDs. Simply, thank you.

Ana Luiza Pereira

"This is not the end, this is not the beginning / Just a voice like a riot rocking every revision / But you listen to the tone and the violent rhythm.." [Linkin Park - Waiting for the end]

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