Beside You, Angel Without Wings

My mind is beside you
My breath and my heart belongs you

I’m addicted.
Addicted by your mouth, your beat, your body
I’m tired
That ask everything for every one like they are my daddy

I wanna your love
I need it.
I need you every night that I fall asleep.
I need your kisses until I get tired.

I wanna see your body next to my body
I wanna hear our beats in each beat

I wanna you, be beside you.
I belong you, my hot angel…
See you in next good dream, angel without wings.

Ana Luiza Pereira

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Gabii ' disse...

OMG, eu ameeeeei o poema !!
Viu, vc escreve sim um poema hot melhor q eu, haha ;D

kaique Bruno Boga disse...

morri x_x ><

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